Friday, 1 January 2016

Branching Out on Draft2Digital

After a long period of book sales inactivity on Amazon I've made the decision to expand my sales horizons by publishing on Draft2Digital. This allows me a few things that Amazon doesn't. For starters if gives me access to multiple seller platforms such as Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribid and 24 Symbols. What D2D also allows is for me to offer my books for free, something that Amazon, bizarrely, doesn't offer in spite of having a price matching policy that effectively means they have to offer books for free if they are sold somewhere else for free.

Why would I want my books to sell for nothing? Well, I don't intend to give them all away but offering some product as freebies at least gets people reading my stuff. In time they might want to continue on with some of my other books and might consider buying them on the basis of liking the free stuff.

So far I've put a few books out there on D2D and the experience has been pretty positive with the process about as easy as it was to post on the Amazon Kindle platform. Provided all the payment and taxation questions are all squared away the whole thing runs along quite smoothly and the books are easy to upload and they appear in a number of download formats as opposed to the Amazon site which only caters for Kindle devices.

In time they will all be up there, some free, some for sale. In time I will go through the process of forcing Kindle to price match but in the mean time will just watch and see how my sales go through D2D. Can't be worse than with Amazon. And down the track I will have the fun of uploading new titles to each platform and comparing sales results.

Happy writing.

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