Sunday, 1 November 2015

Slack is my middle name

Too busy reading and working to hit the keyboard.

The urge to write hasn't been there for me too much this year. Yes, I finished the first book of the Plains Walker trilogy but as yet the second hasn't gotten past the first chapter. But the way I write, when I do get back to it, I will crank out half a book the next time I look at it properly. Funny, it's all written in my head but now I have to get it out and on paper and in a cohesive manner. I just need to lose my job and it may happen. Maybe Christmas will give me some quiet time to get the juices flowing.

Unfortunately Amazon has too many published authors, and some of them are exceptional in spite of not being on the bookshop shelves. That is my big failing, reading when I should be writing. Learning I call it.

Till next time, adieu.

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