Saturday, 11 April 2015

Shaman's Warning - nearly ready

Well, comes a time when the hard work is almost at an end. And a new task already started. Shaman's Warning, the first of the North Plains Walker series is going through the last edit. A cover is ready and I'm ready. And I've started the second book Dark Medicine which may be ready late 2015 or early 2016.

Shaman's Warning follows the journey of Hector Green as he travels from Sonora in the California wastelands in search of knowledge that takes him north and east to the Saskatchewan Delta. What he finds sets him on a desperate journey to save his people from certain annihilation at hands of the same civilization that ruined his world some seven centuries earlier.

Hector lives in a world of constant changing danger, created by the mutation causing breeder virus that escaped the laboratories of Mongenta centuries past. It is a world that has excluded the Technos, the very same inventors of the breeder, and now those who would rain death on the people of the Nations from the edges of space. Hector is not alone and one of his companions, his grandson Seth, may be the key to stopping the complete biocide of planet Earth.

The Technos in their disdain of the shamans may have made the greatest mistake of their lives when they created Seth for he has been genetically engineered to be faster, stronger and smarter than any man alive. While they imagine Seth to be the tool to make their syndicate all powerful they underestimate the inherent qualities of the shaman. Qualities that allow the people of the Nations to flourish in a poisoned world.

I will add a link when Shaman's Warning is up and running on Amazon.

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