Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Free book promo time

It all comes around full circle again and, wow, Monkey Hunt is eligible for another free promo on Amazon Kindle. Last time I think it sold three or four units. Let's see how we go this time. I'll give it a belt on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't have a facebook page last time and just for those of you who came here via my Twitter feed and didn't see the facebook link it is facebook.com/ccordeaux . Hop on and give me a like and I'll like you back. That could sound rather different if you substitute lick for like,  by the way.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't found Monkey Hunt it is a supernatural thriller, a bit gory in places and a bit long, but there's a lot in it. A bit of sex, if you're into sex. But not much romance. Monkey Hunt isn't a romance. The next book in the series may have a bit of romance but still a work in progress but over 40000 words now.

Anyway, on the 5th of this month I think you should download Monkey Hunt and spend a weekend reading it. It's only about 230000 words so you should be bleary eyed on Monday morning at work but well and truly satisfied.


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