Sunday, 28 September 2014

Grand Champion Garden - Toowoomba Chronicle Carnival of Flowers

The Drew garden - Ward Street, Highfields

There were certainly some beautiful gardens for the Carnival competition this year and if the loads of buses filled with Japanese tourists streaming through the Drew garden at Highfields were any indication this garden was a worthy winner of the Grand Champion title. Australian natives are more my thing but there is an artistic elegance to these large exotic gardens and you have to admire the energy that went into building this particular one.

Not only did it win the overall City category it was also the No1. Veteran's Garden, the No 1. Best display of bulbs and flowering annuals and also No1. Acreage garden. The amount of time and effort that goes into this relatively new garden each year is a full time job. For ex farmer Kevin Drew it must be retirement therapy. Everywhere around the garden are quirky little bits and pieces of his sense of fun and enjoyment of life. His meticulous attention to detail is manifested in the mix of plantings as well as the bits of machinery restored to pristine glory around the yard, and in his spotless shed.

Kevanna, the last house on Ward Street

The waterfall - totally unnatural but totally captivating

Something from the farm

The old family car restored along with petrol bowser and oil tank

Don't complain

The shed. It probably gets dirty sometimes.

Say no more

Were you expecting that?

The map of Australia in annuals. Even though this photo was taken from a platform, not exactly high enough to get the best effect.

The wisteria bower.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Moonless Sea promo

Hello readers, on Saturday I am running a free promotion for The Moonless Sea. It will only run for five days so check in at Amazon Kindle after Saturday to snag a copy.

The Moonless Sea is a story about Dave Hathaway, an ordinary guy who happens upon a clandestine group who are harvesting technologies that have been hidden on Earth from ages past. Dave is thrust into a murderous race to save his wife from the leader of the group while at the same time doing his best to keep the secrets of the ages safe from selfish nationalist interests as a number of nations become involved in the struggle to control the wonders of the mirocele.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Flower time in Toowoomba

It's that time of year again and the Carnival is on all this week in Toowoomba. The parks and gardens are looking stunning this year so I thought I should put a few photos up on the website to show off some of the wonderful things the Toowoomba Regional Council parks people have put together this year. The ten day Carnival of Flowers draws huge crowds from all parts of Australia and plenty of overseas tourists as well so it is one of the regions biggest tourism money spinners. If you haven't visited before you have really missed out.
View over the Lockey Valley from Picnic Point

Status and Pansies

Laurel Bank Park

Nemo garden and Laurel Bank

Nemo Garden

Poppies at Laurel Bank

Grape Hyacinth

Clivea beds at Laurel Bank

Queens Park gardens

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Free book promo time

It all comes around full circle again and, wow, Monkey Hunt is eligible for another free promo on Amazon Kindle. Last time I think it sold three or four units. Let's see how we go this time. I'll give it a belt on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't have a facebook page last time and just for those of you who came here via my Twitter feed and didn't see the facebook link it is . Hop on and give me a like and I'll like you back. That could sound rather different if you substitute lick for like,  by the way.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't found Monkey Hunt it is a supernatural thriller, a bit gory in places and a bit long, but there's a lot in it. A bit of sex, if you're into sex. But not much romance. Monkey Hunt isn't a romance. The next book in the series may have a bit of romance but still a work in progress but over 40000 words now.

Anyway, on the 5th of this month I think you should download Monkey Hunt and spend a weekend reading it. It's only about 230000 words so you should be bleary eyed on Monday morning at work but well and truly satisfied.