Thursday, 21 August 2014

Still Here

I'm a slack bastard, I know. But I am still writing. Currently I'm juggling a few books and tacking words onto chapters dangling off the end of a few, often, unrelated thoughts.

Still working on the sequel to Monkey Hunt and up to 41000 words. I think it will be a big un.

Added a couple of chapters to Silviania and happy with progress so far. Chapter 6 and about 14 000 words so far. Wont go much past 30 000 words.

I'm still going on The Plains Walker, some would call it a dystopian future novel but I regard this one as somewhere beyond dystopia. Currently sitting at 28 Chapters and 66 000 words and will be a two part offering.

Drug House is only three chapters long, and only 5000 words. I just had a look at it and I need to get writing on it again because the first three chapters are crackers.

Working on one other under a pen name, its coming along well too. I need a holiday. So I can get some writing done.

Have to start thinking about some covers before long too...

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